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Why I Am Here, And Why You Should Be Too

Delicious Pumpkin Pancakes Now that I have a better understanding of what I want my blog to accomplish, I have revised my About Page. Let me know what you think! Hey Friend! I just made some Pumpkin Pancakes. Pull up a seat and let’s dig in while we get better acquainted. I’ll start. I’m Monica… Continue reading Why I Am Here, And Why You Should Be Too

New You

Cheers to a good day

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get my mind right early on in the day, it’s not gonna be a really good day. And since I know that negative thinking slows down my productivity and hinders my goal of rediscovering who I am and what my purpose is, I’m all onboard for… Continue reading Cheers to a good day

New You

5 Tips to Starting Your Day Right

I don’t know what your mornings tend to look like, but in my household, they tend to move fast and be a little crazy. I got my teenage son going from room to room trying to find his black jeans (even though I’ve told them over and over again to get their clothes ready the… Continue reading 5 Tips to Starting Your Day Right