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Are You Worried About Failure

You are going to fail this year. You are going to fail at a goal, or at a commitment, or on a promise you made. It’s not a possibility, it’s a for sure thing. But if it makes you feel any better, I’m going to fail too.

How do I know this, you’re wondering? Because I’m just that wise. I’m kidding…it’s because we all fail. We actually all fail more regularly than we think. Even more than we succeed.

And yet, failure is still one of people’s biggest fears. It certainly was one of mine.

With failure, there often comes humiliation. No one wants to be humiliated. No one wants everyone to see and know that they failed at the big thing they’ve been working on and talking about for far too long.

No one wants to put in all of that time and effort on something, just to have it not work out.

Failure sounds horrible, doesn’t’ it? It sounds like something you should avoid experiencing. It’s definitely something to dread!

But is it really?

What if I told you that, without failure, you’ll never achieve success.

Ponder that for a moment.

If you think about it, you can never achieve success, if you aren’t trying to. If you’re failing at something, that means you’re at least trying to succeed at something.

Be proud of that! Because there are a lot of people sitting on the sidelines wishing for things, but making no actual moves. I know this, because I used to be on the sidelines with them!

Failing, is a sign that you are trying to be successful.

Don’t run from your failures, learn from them.

Also, failure teaches us things. If you avoid failure, you avoid learning.

Through failure, I have learned some of the most important and wisest things that have helped me over the course of my life. And have helped me in future successes.

I’ve learned through failure that:

  • Being a good parent doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes; it means you keep trying to be your best, for yourself and your children, because you love them.
  • I am not the sum of my mistakes, faults, or weaknesses. I am a person of value, even when I mess up.
  • Perfectionism should never be the goal. That your best, is enough.
  • If I fail at something, it never means it’s the end. I can always get back up, and try again, and again, and again.

Allow failure to teach you lessons, and help you grow in knowledge and character.

Because without growth in knowledge and character, success will always be something you’re reaching for, but never actually obtain.

So, like I said, you are going to fail this year.

But it turns out, failure isn’t something to dread after all.

Instead of allowing it to be one of your fears any longer, choose to embrace it. Recognizing that it means you are at least trying to succeed; and learn from it, because it has so much to teach you.

So, get up and go fail!

No, I’m just kidding again! Our aim is always success; but at least now we know failure doesn’t have to be our enemy.

Failure is not the end

Many people struggle with failure. Click the share button, so others can learn that failure is their only way to success.

52 thoughts on “Are You Worried About Failure

  1. I think it was Henry Ford that said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”
    And, Samuel Beckett who said “Fail better” in one of his quotes about the importance of failure.
    Take encouragement from the successful who tell you how much they have failed without giving up.

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  2. That’s true that if we try to succeed in something we sometimes cannot avoid failures. The most important is to learn from our mistakes and to grow stronger for future battles. 🙂

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  3. I loved this post. It is things I already know, but with my anxiety disorder, I have a great fear of failure that I have to keep telling, “Get thee behind me.” Thanks for a great post.

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  4. Wow…what an inspiring post. I think we all are worried about failure, but the most important thing to remember is that without failure, you’ll never achieve success. Failure can easily be converted to a learning experience that becomes a step towards success. Thanks for the reminder.

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  5. We should not be afraid of failing, that is part of our journey to success. Failures are just lessons that we need to learn in order to know how to achieve our goals.

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  6. I normally don’t mind failing, as long as it isn’t too much, lol. But right now I have way too much at stake to fail. I need to keep on going.


  7. We all fail at something, and it is okay as long as we don’t stay down. getting up after a fall is key to learning to move on…I agree with you on that note.

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  8. Impressed by your blog🤩
    People think that failure is inferior or imperfect and thay give up. But what they don’t think is besides that, it have many benefits us in many positive ways.
    I also wrote about it in my blog, so lemme know your thoughts on that.


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