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Do You Feel Hopeless

Sometimes after you’ve been hurt by someone, or have failed over and over at something, it’s easy to put your guard up. It’s easy to refuse to get your hopes up again.

You may even come to believe that if you stop expecting good things to happen, you won’t be disappointed when they don’t.

It sounds like a much easier way to live doesn’t it? A safer way, nonetheless.

But a life without hope, isn’t a life fully lived.

I know, because I’ve given up on hope before.

Disappointments can be crushing. They drain you of energy, zeal, and passion; and they block the view of what could be. They don’t allow you to see what’s just on the horizon.

If this is where you are right now, my heart goes out to you. I know this isn’t easy. I know life isn’t easy.

But also, because I’ve been there, and I’m now on the other side of disappointment, where hopelessness ran amuck, I can tell you what’s on the horizon.

And just maybe, you’d like to join me there.

Passion is there. I now know, that a life without passion is dull and boring. You’re not excited about much of anything, and everything is very mundane. To really experience life, you need to really care about someone and something.

Joy is there. Notice I didn’t say happiness. That’s because happiness is based on our circumstances. When things are good, we’re happy. When things are not good, we’re not happy. But joy isn’t like happiness. Joy is a constant that remains with you, even when times are tough. It is an inner sense of well-being, even amidst chaos.

Peace is there. This is hands down one of my favorites. You don’t have much, if you don’t have peace. It’s that quiet inner calm, of knowing you’re okay, just as you are; even while working to improve yourself.

Hope is there. Yes hope. The one you’ve been avoiding; and the reason why you put your guard up in the first place. But hope is a necessity. To give up on hope is to give up on life. Without hope you’ll always feel like you have no reason to keep living; but you do! Your life, and your future is important and matters to all of us.

Every single one of us are put on this earth for a specific purpose; unique to each individual. I want to know what your purpose is. I want to see it and experience it.

I used to also believe that I didn’t matter. That I had no real purpose, or at least not one of value. But I learned that was a lie. And now I hear from others, some that I don’t even know personally, how my purpose and my life, makes a difference in theirs.

You may feel like you don’t matter, but our feelings deceive us. You do matter; you matter to me.

It’s time to get your hopes up again. It may feel scary and difficult to do; but what’s on the other side is so worth it. It’s worth giving hope another chance. Let your guard down today, and make a choice to fully live. Go out and enjoy all that has been waiting for you. It’s right there on the horizon, do you see it?

As I said, I know what it feels like to feel hopeless. To feel like you don’t matter and you have no real purpose. But I’ve also made it to the other side. If you’re a mom who struggle with these feelings, I’m here to listen and be a voice of gentle wisdom and reasoning. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through email. I am not a professional doctor, therapist, psychologist, or counselor; nor am I a good substitute for one. I’m simply a mom, willing to be a listening ear and a friend. My email address is nolongerastayathomemom@gmail.com.

45 thoughts on “Do You Feel Hopeless

  1. What a motivational article, sometimes you can really feel hopeless and overwhelmed.. but one should always look forward!! 🙂

    Have a nice Weekend!
    Lisa – sustainable solo travel blog

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  2. This article is really speaking to me, honestly. But I don’t feel like getting my hope up just yet. I hope to, but I can’t right now. I know it is easy to just let go and move on
    My heart still aches.
    And thanks so much for reminding me that I matter.

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    1. It’s actually not easy to let go and move on. So I get that you’re not ready❤. But you do matter; and your purpose matters; and your ability to have joy and peace and passion and hope matters too. So I hope you gain the strength to walk through that crushing pain, towards the horizon. I’ll see you on the other side❤


  3. I’m so glad you put an emphasis on hope because I feel as if people have associated “hope” with something negative or non-achievable. Hope, for me, always gets me inspired and motivated to do more. I loved reading this, especially on a Sunday evening. It can truly motivate anyone.

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  4. I just love how you explained peace. Just perfect 👌 and yes peace is one of my favorites too. I’ve only been able to find it in God.

    I felt hopeless about my purpose outside of the home for a long time, but I’m starting a new music therapy contract this week that is just the type of work I’ve always wanted. True to form I am hesitant to get my “hopes” up 😉 but it has gotten me thinking about all the jobs that weren’t quite right…how God was probably using them to train me…and how to get this contract I really did nothing, it just fell in my lap.

    Blessings and love to you, this was a wonderful post.

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    1. How awesome! Congratulations on your new contract! Isnt it so amazing how He opens up the right doors at just the right time; preparing us, all along the way. I hope you have an amazing first day, and an incredible week! Blessings and love to you as well❤

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  5. This was such a powerful article. Hope and purpose are so important in ones life. Without it, it is hard to find joy and happiness. But purpose can be accomplished by a small task, such as volunteering once a week at a soup kitchen or just being a wonderful parent. Thank you for a great piece!

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  6. Yep, I was disappointed this week. But years of counseling have taught me that I can still have joy, hope, and peace. I let my devastation sit for a little bit, then I got my mind where it needed to be. I am getting better at this with time! Thanks for a great article!

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  7. Thanks for the inspiring post. It definitely is hard to have hope sometimes, especially when things don’t seem to go my way. It’s like with some things, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It gets frustrating! haha

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