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You’re Too Busy

How is life going for you? As a mom, it’s probably hard to imagine it going any other way than, busy! Your day quite possibly could be filled with little ones, diapers, feedings, and numerous cleanups. And yes, this can fill up a day! Or your day could be filled with homework duties and shuffling kids to and from every event or practice, while still trying to find time to make dinner. Either way, your busy!

When you’re a mom, busy can easily become the norm. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom. The responsibilities are ongoing.

But even in the midst of raising children, it’s important to find time to enjoy the moment, big or small. Because life passes by in a flash; and these are moments you are not going to want to miss.

So how do we slow down and enjoy the moments, when we barely even have time for a bathroom break, let alone a shower?

Give yourself permission to leave the mess; at least for a little bit. Am I saying you should succumb to filthiness? No, of course not. My house isn’t filthy, and equally it won’t make the cover of Beautiful Homes either (is that really a magazine or did I just make that up?).

But it is a home that shows children live there. And even better, it shows it’s a home where mom isn’t spending every waking hour cleaning; instead, she’s spending quality time with her kids.

Of course, every area of life requires balance to function well. There will be times when you’ll need to go do housework. But it is a house. And the house should never get more time and attention then you give yourself, or your kids, or anyone else super special to you; I’m sure we can agree on that.

The truth is, you’ll have plenty of time to have the perfect house, when the kids are gone and living in their own spaces (honestly, I dream about how beautiful mine will look sometimes…shhh don’t tell anyone).

But for now, spend more time building the memories, and enjoying the moments.

Give your self permission to cook quick and easy meals, or not at all. Can I tell you a secret…well, another one? I sometimes give my kids Cereal for dinner. Stop gasping! My Cereal is organic and has very little sugar in it, thank you very much!

Look, unless you just love to cook and pretend like your Rachel Ray, cut those extravagant meals down to once a week. I’m sure they are time consuming.

You can still feed your family healthy, with quick simpler meals. If you need some ideas, leave a comment on this post and I’ll be happy to help you. And it doesn’t have to be Cereal if that takes you too far out of your comfort zone.

The point is simply that you could be using that extra time, to enjoy some moments with your children or with yourself. And If you don’t see the importance of making time for yourself, then you need to read this, and learn why time to yourself is non-negotiable!

Freeing up time might be a challenge at first; but it’ll prove to be worth it. No one should have to be busy all day, running around like a chicken with their head cut off. And we should all be able to have bathroom breaks and showers.

So be fierce about claiming back your time. It’s time to stop being so busy, and start enjoying the moments.

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37 thoughts on “You’re Too Busy

  1. This is so true – it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness and responsibilities. But it’s so important to create time to slow down and just enjoy life. I recently wrote a similar post on creating space to just be. Cheers to protecting time to enjoy life!

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    1. One of my easiest meas involves my slow cooker. Its Bean Burritoes or sometimes we have it as Taco Salad. You put the Beans in with the seasonings you like and they cook themselves. I start it in the morning, and it’s done by dinnertime. You can cook rice or ground beef to add to it if you dont mind the extra work, or use just the beans. We add Cheese, Sour Cream, Lettuce, and Tomatoes

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  2. Thankfully, my daughter is finally old enough to either cook or fend for herself at mealtime. If my job is running me late and I can’t get up to cook, she’s right there in the kitchen either frying up burgers or whatever. Just last night, she said, hmm think i can make some tacos?? I’m such a control freak though, i got up and did it for her. I think that’s part of my own struggle, learning to let go and allow her to use her own wings to fly rather than mommy doing everything for her. I want to enable a proud, independent young woman not create a helpless teen/baby. Though of course, I understand it’s different for moms with toddler/babies, mine is mid teens!

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  3. Yep, I am definitely too busy, lol. I am working this week on a checklist for a few areas of my life to help streamline the planning process and keep things moving productively. I plan to do the same with my kids to make it easier for them too.

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  4. My friends who are Moms are always, always busy! I am definitely going to have to send this blog over their way as a reminder. And, maybe reassure them they’re doing a great job!

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  5. I would have loved more kids but have always had to work. I have two but I always wonder what a third would have been like. Dinner is a nightmare here as my 8 year old is a fussy eater. A nice healthy proper cooked meal, my 6 year old daughter will enjoy, he will leave it all. Fish fingers and oven chips he will enjoy, baked beans or veg he will refuse.. kids can be very hard work.. there is no way he will eat the bean burritos but spaghetti Bolognese he might manage. Yes he will eat mince but will not eat beef, pork, chicken or turkey.. I’m hoping that as he gets older he gets less fussy, but he certainly adds to my mum stress.

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    1. It sounds like a difficult thing to have to deal with each day. How is he with drinking? Have you tried making smoothies? My daughter isnt really a picky eater, but like most kids, she runs from Vegetables. But she’ll drink smoothies because you dont really taste the Vegetables. So in my nutribullet I’ll add things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, a little honey to sweeten it; sometimes oatmeal, or nut butters; and sometimes a little milk, and then water. So this smoothie helps get some fruit in, some vegetables, some protein, etc. Maybe (*fingers crossed*) he would enjoy that?? And yes, hopefully he will grow to enjoy other things as he gets older. Best wishes to you from one mom to another❤

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      1. Thanks for the suggestion, About a year ago I was making smoothies.. I had a nutri ninja until it broke.. my son’s response to them was yuck! I think it was the texture of them but I tried.

        Your smoothies sound really good! Yes I’m hoping he gets less picky as he grows up.. thanks!

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