Fulfill Your Purpose

Show Them That Big Dreams Really Do Come True

At what age did you stop dreaming? At what age did you stop believing in the “impossible?” Because if it happened for you, chances are it will happen for your child at some point too.

At some point in your child’s life, the belief that they can accomplish their big dreams, is going to fade away. It may happen because of the naysayers who repeatedly tells them that they don’t have what it takes to accomplish their big dreams. It may happen because like many others, they fall for the trap that life is all about money and making as much of it as you can, even if you have to give up your dream, and settle for a job that you have absolutely no passion for. Or, it may happen because they’ve never seen it done before. They’ve never seen someone in their sphere of influence, go after their big dreams, and actually achieve them. So why would they believe they can.

Is this the life you want for your child? Neither do I. I want my children to be successful, productive, and financially stable, all while doing the things they love. The thing they’re most passionate about.

That’s why it’s so important for you and me to pursue the dreams of our hearts. So we can show our children, that big dreams really can come true; even for average people like us.

Through this journey, we can also show our children that:

Setbacks and challenges aren’t excuses to quit. Our children are growing up in the world at a time when “easy” is flaunted and preferred. They don’t expect things to be hard and challenging, and when they are, they lack the gumption to rise to the challenge. We need to teach our children that setbacks and challenges are to be expected, and how to forge through the difficulty, rather than succumb to it. Embed the old quote into their minds that, “nothing worth having comes easy.” Because it is surely the truth!

Hard work pays off. I’m sure your children see you working. They see you putting in the time to accomplish your goals. If they’re old enough and aware enough, they may even see you sacrificing certain things at times, so that you can give quality time to pursuing your dreams. What a great affect it will have on them, once you’ve accomplished this goal, to see that all of mom’s hard work paid off, and led to her fulfilling her dream. That’s a gift worth giving your child.

We all have a purpose, a purpose bigger than ourselves, and these purposes are a part of our story. I’ve never met a person, regardless of their spiritual belief, who didn’t want to believe that they were here for a purpose. I don’t believe anyone wants to be here on this earth, just to take up space. We want to believe that our lives matter for a reason, bigger than ourselves. Show your children that this is true. They are here for a purpose, and like you, they need to fulfill them. The dreams, goals, and purposes that live in their hearts, aren’t there by accident. It’s a part of their life’s story, and their story is worth completing.

Commit to being the person in your child’s life, who always believes in them, who dreams with them, and who shows them that big dreams, really do come true.

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29 thoughts on “Show Them That Big Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. I never really stopped dreaming, but I did stop pursuing my dreams for a time. I am now chasing them full force and my kids see it daily! And yes, challenges and setbacks do not stop me, nor does hard work. Thank you for some great things to think about as I continue to pursue my dreams.

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  2. This is a great reminder that I should not give up on my dreams. In the coming year, I need to stop procrastinating and put my plans in motion. I definitely want to teach my kid that giving up should not be an option.

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  3. I love to dream! I think that having goals and breaking these big goals into smaller steps helps to stay on track in order to achieve them. I don’t have kids but I think all of us can benefit from believing in our dreams.

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