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Recognizing the Triggers That Threaten to Halt Your Progress

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Your finally well on your way in pursuit of your purpose. Things are going well and you seem to be making good progress, when suddenly out of nowhere, things shift. You notice you no longer have the motivation you had before. You no longer have the drive you had before. And you know longer “feel” like you could actually be successful at this anymore. What happened? What most likely happened is, one of your triggers just exploded.

My biggest trigger is insecurity. Insecurity shows up just when things are going well, and attempts to lead me to believe things that are negative and counterproductive. Insecurity will whisper things like, “you don’t have what it takes to be successful”; “you’ll fail at this goal, just like you’ve failed at all the others”; “what makes you think YOU can do this!” It’s an ugly force, that I’ve learned to be on guard against.

 I can recognize the signs of when insecurity is rearing its ugly head. I’ll find myself overly aware of what someone else is doing and accomplishing. Suddenly, I’m comparing myself to them, and I know longer feel so good about my small progress. Or I’ll lack energy, and I won’t have the desire to work on something that is important to me, like writing. And most of all, I’ll notice the joy has been zapped out of something that I am highly passionate about and love to do. Insecurity, like most triggers, is a thief, and if you don’t guard yourself against these thieves, they’ll steal your passion, your purpose, and the future you’re dreaming of.

There are so many possible triggers; laziness, perfectionism, fear, depression (which has also been a strong one in my life; I’ll share about that another day), stress, etc. I don’t know what your triggers are, but they are all prone to destruction, and therefore must be guarded against and dealt with swiftly.

What has helped me the most with insecurity, is absorbing as much truth as possible. And then replaying those truths in my mind often. I don’t wait for insecurity to explode in my life before I take action, I take action daily to prevent an explosion from happening.

One of the greatest ways that I take action is by absorbing positive truths, through reading. I read the Bible and other books with positive messages. One book that helped me greatly is by an author named Beth Moore. The book is titled, “So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us.” If you think this book might be something you need (or someone else you know) click on it here:

(affiliate link).

I’ve also shared the link to it on my Recommendations Page https://nolongerastayathomemom.com/my-recommendations/, where I also share other books that have helped me greatly. I highly recommend this book!

I also listen to positive messages through podcasts and music. But one thing that also helps me greatly are affirmations. I talked about the importance of affirmations in this past post, https://nolongerastayathomemom.com/2019/11/04/cheers-to-a-good-day/. Affirmations work wonders in turning around a negative thought pattern to a positive one. I have a Daily Affirmations printout sheet just for you on my Free Resources Page https://nolongerastayathomemom.com/free-resources/.

I encourage you to stay aware of your triggers. We all have some, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Best to know what they are and be on guard against them, rather than denying they exist and constantly having them disrupt your life.

If you have any helpful tips that you’d like to share on how you guard against your triggers, I’d love to hear them.

20 thoughts on “Recognizing the Triggers That Threaten to Halt Your Progress

  1. Thank you for your advice, my trigger is perfectionism!! I won’t post a recipe because it is not perfect! But then end up with no posts! I have to learn and remind myself it doesn’t have to be perfect! People will still love it!

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    1. It’s so hard to overcome these triggers. Especially if you’ve been experiencing them for years. But thankfully it is not impossible! I hope these tips help you in combating perfectionism. I bet you have great recipes!


  2. I have experienced that so many times – losing motivation and sulking because I feel I am not getting anywhere. My trigger is being overwhelmed by a lot of tasks that need my attention at the same time. I try my best to complete the tasks but when I feel that I am not making any progress, I just drop everything and sleep! I need to do better time management to avoid this from happening to me.

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    1. A lot of tasks requiring your attention at once would be overwhelming for anyone! Maybe you could prioritize the responsibilities, and then allot a certain amount of time for each one. They may not all get equal amounts of time, but they all will get some time. I wrote about this in my previous post. You may find it useful.
      When the Thought of “More” Overwhelms You


  3. This is such a powerful and important reminder. I so many triggers that sort of deepen as I get older, and I’ve realized that recognizing them, facing them and working straight through them with positive messaging daily and sticking with that, work really helps lighten the load and reprogram.

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  4. I love the tips about positive thoughts and messages. I really do believe that what we read, see, hear and think influence us more than we know it. If we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, it will manifest itself and halt our progress. On the other hand, positive thoughts and affirmations will only help us grow!

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  5. Insecurity and self doubt are the biggest challenges for me. I always downplay my own achievements and ability.
    I need more positive affirmations for myself. This is the second time this week so far that this topic has been in my awareness so I’m going to listen!
    Thank you.

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  6. Insecurity and fear are my two big ones! For insecurity what usually works for me is thinking about past success stories. Fear is a little more challenging as it it possible to fail. I try to look at it from a perspective that failure simply means that I have to try to accomplish my goal in a different way. Great post!

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  7. Thank you for your post. Insecurity is rearing its ugly head as a matter of fact right now. Affirmations are really helpful and I need to to be intentional in writing more. I’ve also been getting more into meditation for becoming more aware. I think that helps too for me when I get like this.

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