Fulfill Your Purpose

It’s Time for You to Do the Chasing

Believe it or not, when you were struggling with those feelings of unrest, those feelings of being unfulfilled, that persistent thought that there was more you could be doing with your life, that was your dream chasing you. That was your purpose being determined to keep you aware of its presence, its need for fulfillment. Because we all have a purpose. We all have a dream living on the inside of us, whether we’re aware of it or not. But once we do become aware of it, it is no longer the dream that should be chasing us; it’s time for you to chase the dream.

Make Space for It

If there’s one thing a mom knows, it’s that there’s never enough time in a day. We have meals to cook, errands to run, baths to give, chores to complete, homework to check, diapers to change…I mean the list really does go on and on. And it doesn’t matter what ages your children are, a mom’s duties never end. And yet, we still somehow manage to make space for other people. It may be helping an elderly parent, babysitting a sibling’s child, running errands for a sick neighbor. Whatever it is, it’s something being fit into an already hectic schedule.

Making space for yourself, your dreams, your goals, can be done. You prove that every day by how you’re able to take a jammed packed day, and make time for someone else. But this time, the one needing your time, is you. Your dreams and your goals are not just going to happen. You have to make time for them; you have to give them space in your life. Until you see the importance of making your purpose a priority, it will never become one.

Ways to Make Space

  • Schedule yourself in. The same method you use to remember any upcoming commitment, be it writing it down in your planner, adding it to the calendar on your phone, setting it as a reminder with Amazon’s Alexa device, whatever it is, use for your goals. Commit to at least an hour each day, to do something to move forward in your goal. It doesn’t need to be a big step, it just needs to be a step.
  • Let your family know, that this is time for yourself, and it is non-negotiable. Our loved ones, especially our children, are always going to be grasping for our time. And they will get it; just not during the time that we have scheduled for ourselves and our purpose. The more you make it clear that this time is important to you, the more others will respect this time that you have allotted for yourself.

Of course, if you’re a single mom with very little help, or a mom with a tiny bundle of joy whose needs need to be met on demand, you’ll have to be a little more creative when it comes to making space. Maybe you can use your lunch hour if you’re a working mom; or when baby’s napping if you’re a stay at home mom. I respect that it will be a challenge for any mom at first. But I genuinely believe that once this becomes a normal part of your daily routine, it wont feel like a hardship. You may even find it excites you and energizes you, as things we’re passionate about tend to do.

  • Value the time for what it is. Without a doubt your mind will run rampant with thoughts of all the other things you should be doing in that moment. All the important stuff that still awaits you will try and usurp your attention. And this will continually happen; until you settle it in your mind, that the time you have set aside to work toward your purpose is important and cannot be put off. It’s a mind game. And if you intend on chasing your dreams, you need to win it!

So, moms, get the time scheduled, have the talk with family, settle it in your mind how significant this is, because now it’s time to do the work. The chase is on!

23 thoughts on “It’s Time for You to Do the Chasing

  1. I like the idea of committing about 1 hour per day, to do at least one small thing to move ahead towards your goal. Big things are less daunting when broken down into steps. If I did this, I think it would give me the hope of achieving something. And as you say, it does energize the rest of your life when you have something to work towards that you are passionate about!

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  2. This is great! It’s so hard to try to do things and reach for goals sometimes, especially when you feel like you have no time. It’s where I am with blogging right now but I’m trying to take one small step forward each day.

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    1. That’s great! So many people get stuck, because they think you have to make these big strides daily, in order to reach your goal. But that’s not true. One small step forward daily, is still progress. Slow and steady, wins the race!


  3. It’s so important to schedule time for yourself as a mama. I always remind myself of one of my favorite quotes when I feel guilty for doing something that brings me joy, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

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  4. Love this. 100% agree. Usually I try to get up before the toddler gets up, but I’m pregnant at the moment and totally exhausted so I sleep as long as I can now. Luckily hubby is really helpful and let me have ample “me” time when needed!

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