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How Articulate Are You?

Moms, If I sat down with you today, and asked you what it is you want to do with your life, how would you respond? Would you have a clear, coherent answer? Or would there be a lot of stumbling of words as you try to explain to me, what direction it is, you desire for your life to go in? The fact is, a lot of uncertainty, leads to a lot of confusion, which never results in progress. Part of reaching our goals, is first being clear on what they are.

Get specific. The more detailed you can be about the dreams and desires for your life, the better. For example, using the same question as before, “What is it you want to do with your life?” Don’t just say you want to be a writer. Exactly what type of writing do you want to do; on what subject do you want to write, and for what particular audience? A better response to the question might be, “I want to write a non-fiction book, about facing and overcoming the challenges of parenting as a single parent. I want to write specifically for moms. Once you have clarity of what you want to do, put those specifics on paper.

Write it down. Our goals and our dreams may start in our hearts and our minds, but that is not where they should stay. Writing out the specifics, gives us a point of reference, to keep our eyes focused on the end goal. That way, when the mishaps of life happen (and they surely will), and we find ourselves thrown off course, we will have this written visual to help us regain direction. There will always be distractions, hurdles, and challenges to overcome on the way to success, don’t let failing to take this one important step, of simply writing out your goals, be your downfall.

Write down your goals!

Once you are able to verbalize your goals with clarity, and have them written down for a point of reference, you are now in position to take the next step towards fulfilling your purpose.

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18 thoughts on “How Articulate Are You?

  1. Well said – I completely agree. I’ve been focusing on writing down my goals to make them happen lately – so powerful. I’m also experimenting with vision boards and affirmations. We’ve got to take charge of our destinies. Xx

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