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What If I Just Can’t Do It?

Photo by Jovaughn Stephens on Unsplash

Having a big dream that lives deep down in your heart, can be scary at times. I mean, here you are this average woman, with this average life, and this monumental desire to do something really big with your life. What are you to do with that? It’s so easy to look over at this person’s life, and that person’s life, and see clearly how they managed to fulfill their purposes. But you? What if I just can’t? What if it’s too late for me? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if I fail?

These questions are debilitating. They halt you in your tracks. You can’t move forward, because after all, the questions are legitimate. You can easily look around you and see, you don’t have the resources it would take, you don’t have the connections you need, and you certainly don’t have the time or the first thought on where to begin. It makes perfect sense to just let it go. To let the dream, die. To be content right where you are. But it isn’t really that easy is it? Because when we let the dream die, a part of us dies as well.

Have you ever read or heard the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Nothing worth having comes easy?” Girl, isn’t that the truth! We can definitely relate to this as moms. Because there is NOTHING easy about childbirth!

When you have goals, dreams, desires that are bigger than yourself, it’s going to involve hard work. And that work wont always be physical. A lot of it will be mental. You’ll have to fight to believe you can reach the other side of what’s in your heart, when nothing in your life at the moment sets you up for success. You’ll have to fight to believe in yourself, when no one else does. And you’ll have to fight to believe in yourself when the easiest thing to do, would be to quit.

It’s not an easy challenge to take on. But it’s your destiny; your calling; a part of who you are. Don’t lose sight of that! Because when the debilitating thoughts come swirling around again, and they will. You have to be ready and able to respond back, “But what if I can?”

8 thoughts on “What If I Just Can’t Do It?

  1. Great post! I have all these exact feelings about blogging right now. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do and I’m not sure I have what it takes.

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  2. I felt very called out in this post, amazing job! I failed with my last blog. I had started off extremely strong but lost my passion when I had lost my job. I lost my creativity. Lately I have realized I need to try again. I love writing and it’s tough to get back into the grind. I just have to stick to it this time and push on through the dark times.

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    1. I’m glad this post challenged you. It’s so important to stay connected with the things you love. And if that’s writing for you, then now is the time to get back to it. The good thing about failing at something, is you learn so much; so the next time is sure to be a success.


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