Me Time!

Solitude Time vs Me Time

I bet you’re already planning your next me time. So, what’s the plan? A lunch date with friends; a visit to the nail salon for a fresh pedicure; or maybe you just want to sit at the local coffee shop and read a really good book, while sipping on a fresh Vanilla Latte (or whatever you fancy). Whatever your plans are, enjoy it! You definitely deserve it; and me time is soooo very needed. But you know what else is needed, solitude time.

Solitude time doesn’t get as much hype as me time. Me time sounds fun, rewarding, and comforting. Solitude sounds lonely, restrictive, and very boring. What in the world do you even do during solitude time? Do you get to have any fun? Is there any pampering involved? What exactly is the selling point? Well, it’s you; you are the selling point for solitude time.

During solitude time, you get unplugged from everyone. You get unplugged from the distractions that often come through other people, devices, books, etc. And you spend time with you. **Now, let me throw in a disclaimer at this point. I would never advise anyone to disconnect or get unplugged from God. His voice should be a constant in your life at all times, including solitude time.** You might spend time praying, goal planning, reflecting, journaling, thinking about all that you are thankful for. However you choose to spend this time, it’s meant to be a time where you reconnect with yourself. Where your wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions take priority over everyone else’s. And you take the time to really listen to yourself; to what’s going on inside of your heart and your mind.

The benefits are, you may walk away from solitude time with new fresh ideas for your marriage, parenting, or that new project/goal you’re working on. You may walk away with a renewed passion or sense of purpose. Or you may even walk away with something in your life that you know you need to work and improve upon. Either way, it’s a valuable time that greatly benefits you.

So, are you sold on solitude time? Well what are you waiting for, go spend some time with yourself!

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