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5 Tips to Starting Your Day Right

I don’t know what your mornings tend to look like, but in my household, they tend to move fast and be a little crazy. I got my teenage son going from room to room trying to find his black jeans (even though I’ve told them over and over again to get their clothes ready the night before!), my teenage daughter redoing her hair over and over again because she can’t get it to look “just right,” my youngest daughter taking every opportunity to do everything but what she’s supposed to be doing, and then there’s my youngest son, Dominic. You can’t take your eyes or your hands off of Dominic for a second, or he’ll flee, and usually he’s running towards something he has no business touching. Its chaos!

But once they’re off to school, that’s my time. That’s my time to get my mind right and motivated for the things I need to do to work towards my purposes and a better me.

In my previous post, The Purge,, I mention my need for positive thinking. It’s safe to say, there’s no way you’re going to have a good and productive day if your mind is in the gutter. Negative thinking usually produces a negative day.

So, here are 5 things that I do to help me foster positive thinking, so that I can get my day started right, and have the kind of day I can feel good about:

1.)  Eat a healthy delicious breakfast. When I eat unhealthy things first thing in the morning, I feel sluggish, low in energy, and oftentimes, down on myself for making poor choices in regards to my health. One of my favorite things to eat in the morning is a yogurt parfait. Head over to the recipes section to see the unique way I like to prepare mine.

2.) Listen to music with positive words that inspires/encourages you. For me, it’s worship music. This kind of music helps me to get my heart in the right place. If I was worried about something, angry at someone, or fearful about anything, listening to faith inspired music helps me to bring things into perspective, so that I can make wise decisions that aren’t centered around a negative emotion. 

3.) Read a book designed to encourage, motivate, or inspire you. The more you spend on this blog and get to know me, the more you’ll learn how much I love books. Reading for me is therapeutic. It helps calm my nerves and relaxes me. But when it’s a book geared towards fostering healthy positive thoughts, that’s simply icing on the cake.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

4.) Exercise. Now let me be really honest! I am not to the point where I do this on a regular basis yet. I struggle with discipline in this area. But I can just as honestly tell you, that when I do exercise, I feel soooo good! I feel good because I know that I’ve made a positive choice for my body. And when you feel good, you’re prone to have a much better day.

5.) Deliberately replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I’ve learned that we cannot always control the thoughts that pop into our head. It’s even more difficult when we’ve built a habit of thinking negatively. It could be something as simple as, “I can’t believe I forgot to send my child to school with lunch money. Sometimes I’m such an airhead.” Or even worse, “I hate looking in the mirror, I’m so fat and ugly.” These in and out thoughts may seem harmless, but over time they breed an unhealthy self-image. Recognizing and being aware of the negative thoughts that tend to filter into your mind, puts you into position to prepare to counterattack against them.

I suggest having a list of positive affirmations ready and handy at all times. That way, when negative thoughts strike, you’ll be ready to fight back against those defeating thoughts by speaking out loud words that are laced with truth, grace, and love.

In my next post, I will share some positive affirmations that are helping me, and I’m certain will help you as well.

So friend, which of these 5 steps are you going to begin implementing immediately, so that you can get your day started right?

9 thoughts on “5 Tips to Starting Your Day Right

  1. Oh… mornings at my house have been nuts lately. I was just thinking today, “This needs to change!” If I woke up earlier, to make breakfast and lunch before the kids got up, that would help. But I don’t know if I can handle losing the sleep. 🤔

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    1. I would not want to lose the sleep either! My mornings are always much more hectic when I have to do lunches and breakfast. So I try to do them before bed. For breakfast I’ll usually prepare overnight oats in Mason jars or yogurt parfaits. Both taste delicious the next morning, and my kids (minus my oldest son who is soooo picky!) Love them!

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